The State of a Divided Union

February, 2015

shamrock-sam-posterThe President gave his annual State of the Union address recently. This event is designed for our President to share an overview of the state of our nation and to outline major initiatives for the future.

Unfortunately it quickly turned into a political address:

  • A series of spending proposals
  • A plea for the parties to work together
  • And, numerous threats to veto legislation.

The American people were waiting with thirsty ears for leadership. How are we going to solve our problems?

We heard many comments on the plight of the middle class. This is a true problem. Average wages have dropped from $55,000 to $51,000 per year. This must be addressed. One solution is tighter border security to stem the flood of illegal workers who suppress wages.

Everyone has benefited from lower gas prices. The President claimed credit for it. However, Washington has taken steps to destroy or limit fracking. Drilling on federal lands has dropped. It was American know how on private and state levels that made us the number one power in low cost energy world wide.

I suggest we unleash the same American know how to achieve positive outcomes in other areas. The solutions are known. What we need is leadership to act, doing the right things to address:

  • Tax reform
  • Excessive regulations
  • Fiscal deficits

Canada did it. The two parties there worked together with very positive results. They thought of Canada first and did what was right for their country and its citizens.

Our political leaders need to start thinking of America first. We know what we have to do, so let’s DO IT!!!

Quit this endless campaigning for votes. Think and act beyond the next election!

And for the Republicans… criticism is not a strategy or a solution. You have a responsibility to share your ideas for action with the American people.

Our government loves to spend money. How much is enough? Unless spending is controlled, the government will always want more.

Taxing the rich is not a solution. The top 1%–the group everyone likes to talk about–paid 38% of all taxes in 2012, up from 35% in 2011.


America is facing some real challenges domestically and globally. All are solvable if we have the leadership to act wisely.

Time is running out. We need to act now!

I implore our leaders to think of America first! Quit campaigning and start leading!

Happy New Year!!!

January, 2015

shamrock_newyear2012The new year is a time for reflections on the past and an opportunity for renewal for the future.

When looking across the American landscape, one sees problems that are solvable if we have the will to solve them.

We are a country of boundless opportunity. We are rich in natural resources and a “can-do” attitude for success; providing we address the right opportunities.

A good example of this is energy. Not long ago we faced a critical oil and natural gas shortage. American creativity stepped in with “fracking.” We now are on the verge of energy independence. All was accomplished without government support or leadership. The energy discovered was on private land. Little to no energy development has occurred on federal lands. Individual leadership was responsible for this great success story.

Other problems will require government leadership. A few facts from Stephen Moore of the Heritage Foundation:
“Under Obama’s leadership, Democrats have raised the minimum wage, bailed out the auto companies, spent $830 billion on a Keynesian stimulus plan, wildly cheered while the Fed printed $3.5 trillion of debt, borrowed $7 trillion in six years, passed the big lies of Obamacare and Dodd-Frank and raised tax rates by $1 trillion over 10 years on the rich. In the wake of all that, the working class lost ground.”

Remember, lack of leadership created these problems. Strong leadership can and will solve the problems. However, it means that Washington has to quit just talking about the challenges and start solving them.


The Democratic party is still delusional over the mid-term election results. The voters said no to excessive regulations. In spite of this, Obama and the government issued 3,000 new rules on immigration, energy and climate change prior to Thanksgiving. Enough!!!


The voters want policies and decisions to support job growth ala the Keystone pipe line. “Global warming deals” with China are a talking point diversion, while Obama continues to shut down coal energy production.


A strong economy is the key to reducing the debt. Cost savings must be made, like freezing federal spending at the current level with no inflation adjustments. This would make government departments evaluate their spending and prioritize programs; the same thing American households have to do to live within their means.


Our government needs to wake up and start leading. We cannot prosper if we continue with “business as usual.”

  • Excessive regulations must be repealed.
  • Obamacare needs to be modified or replaced.
  • The tax code must be addressed.

Just taxing “the rich” will not generate the revenue we need.

We must return to the American “can-do” attitude and “do it”!!!

Let’s quit fighting amongst ourselves and start doing the right things for EVERYONE’S success!!!

Trust & Integrity

December, 2014

shamrock_santa_hatTwo words that are missing when it comes to our government…

Trust and Integrity!!!

The American people have been lied to—some call it “mis-spoke”. The end result is the same; a lack of trust in our so-called political leaders.


The bad news on Obamacare is arriving in people’s mailboxes. Dramatic cost increases with less coverage. Costs are soaring due to mandated coverage, plus deductibles have risen to further increase out-of-pocket expenses.

The whole program should be abolished and patient choice be returned. Let the consumer decide what coverage they want. This will reduce costs.


Americans do not want a “comprehensive bill” on immigration. We have had enough of these bloated fiascos that no one understands.

The number one immigration issue is border security. Unless we do something about this first, we will only add to our current problems.

Thanks to the President’s new “Amnesty” Executive Order, the word is out…our border is open.

Congress should pass a tough border security bill and present it to the President.


People are still analyzing the mid-term election. What was its meaning?

My answer is a simple one…people are fed up with the current leadership. It does not mean that the people have suddenly fallen in love with Republicans. However, they are willing to give them a chance.

Unless they lead and accomplish something they will be unelected in the future.


America is suffering greatly from a lack of political leadership.

Great progress has been made on a state-by-state basis by many Republican governors and legislatures. Washington should take a page from these achievers. Their success was hard fought. They ran on strong platforms of policies that are good for the voter.

We need more voter-friendly leadership from Washington. Tell us what you are trying to accomplish and why it will be good for America.


The EPA has gone ballistic with their proposed regulations that carry high costs with marginal gains. They have consistently expanded their rules with little or no cost impact analysis. This must stop!

The House and Senate must pass legislation that clarifies and limits EPA’s mandate.


The voters have spoken. They want strong leaders that can get the right things done. The needs are many and well known. We are impatiently waiting for results.

This holiday season let’s ask for restored trust and integrity in our government.

Best wishes to you and yours.