Skills for Success

skillsforsuccess_bookI have been blessed with a wonderful family and was lucky to have worked with and been mentored by some very talented people throughout my professional life. They encouraged me to share my reflections on the skills I consider critical for success.

The ideas included in the book are not original to me. They represent the collective wit and wisdom of many of my mentors, bosses and associates throughout my career. Nor is this meant to be an all-inclusive treatise on any of the subjects included. These are simply strategies and skills I found useful and critical to whatever success I achieved. I hope, likewise, that you will find them useful and of value.

Topics addressed in the book include:

  • Leadership
  • Decision Making
  • Communications
  • Public Speaking
  • Persuasion
  • Time Management

The book is self-published on The soft-cover version is available for purchase for $10.